How does TrackR work?



TrackR uses Bluetooth® to communicate with the TrackR app which you can download for free on your iPhone or Android phone. Upon opening, TrackR app will guide you through setting up your first TrackR using the Bluetooth signal. Once connected, the TrackR app uses the location services on your phone to communicate and update the location of your TrackR.

When within Bluetooth range, your TrackR app can ring your TrackR. To receive full functionality of your TrackR, keep your Bluetooth turned on and let the TrackR app run in the background of your phone at all times. 

Ring your TrackR
Can't find the keys? Press the "Start Searching" button in the TrackR app and if your TrackR is within Bluetooth range it will keep ringing until you find it.

Find your phone

Every TrackR doubles as a phone finder. Just press the clear button on your TrackR and it will make your phone ring loudly - even when it's on silent.  

View the last seen location

Still can't find it? Out of Bluetooth range? With the app running in the background, you can see on a map where and when you last had it. Learn more about Last Seen Location here. 

Use Alexa

Use Amazon's Find My Phone Skill to do just that.


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