What is Crowd Locate?

Crowd Locate is an automatic finding feature built-into the TrackR app that expands the number of people who can help you find what’s lost when your item is outside of Bluetooth range. Crowd Locate helps users find over 2 million items every day.

When a TrackR app user passes by your lost item, the app sees it and automatically sends you a private, secure, and anonymous location update - other TrackR users are not given the location of your item. Every TrackR app user is a part of the Crowd Locate network, helping others to find what’s lost. All you need to do is leave Bluetooth and your app running in the background to join the crowd. No one knows your item is lost except you.

The Crowd Locate network is growing every day and you can check out the density of the network in your area with the following URL (simply scroll down and enter your postal code): Crowd Locate Map

You can easily turn on Crowd Locate Alerts by clicking the 'Turn On Alerts' button that will automatically appear on your TrackR app when you are out of Bluetooth range. You may also turn on Crowd Locate Alerts within the item settings of a specific TrackR, (you can get there by clicking the three stacked dots, clicking the gear icon, then toggling on 'Crowd Locate Alerts').  


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