I lost my item. What can I do?

If you can't find your item when it is within Bluetooth range, tap the "Start Searching" in the TrackR app to ring your TrackR. Your TrackR will ring loudly, and you can use the arrows in the app to see if you are moving closer to or farther from the item.

If you still cannot locate your item or are out of Bluetooth range, you can see the "last seen" location of your item on a map. You can also look at the Location History to see the last four seen locations of your item.

You can also enable Crowd Locate notifications so you can receive an updated location when another TrackR app user passes within Bluetooth range of your item.

Tip: Keep your Bluetooth on and your TrackR app running in the background of your phone at all times to ensure that the Last Seen Location is accurate. 


You can check your Crowd Locate coverage on our map by clicking on the link below -Crowd Locate Map


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