What is TrackR spot?

TrackR spot ensures nothing gets lost. It’s a small, coin-sized Bluetooth TrackR that easily attaches to any item. Use the TrackR app on your smartphone to find just about anything you might lose: keys, wallet, purse, laptop, and more! Simply tap the button in the TrackR app to ring the TrackR spot. 

TrackR spot is available only at Walmart stores (U.S. only). TrackR spot includes a 90-day free trial of the Phone Finder, Separation Alerts, and Custom Tones. You can upgrade at any time during the trial. At the end of the 90-day free trial, you will receive an in-app notification that allows you to upgrade.

You can upgrade your TrackR spot for a one time fee of $4.99.

The battery is replaceable in the TrackR spot. The TrackR app will alert you when it’s time to replace the battery. Simply follow the in-app instructions to order a replacement battery.

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