What are some common uses for my TrackR?

Below is a list of commonly tracked items. This list is to provide suggestions on how to use your TrackR; however, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Please remember that TrackRs use Bluetooth to track your items and should not be used as a GPS device. To learn more about the best practices for your TrackR, please visit our How does TrackR work article. 

Common items TrackRs are attached to:

Keys - In a rush but can’t find your keys? Save yourself a headache and ring them!

Wallet - Lose your wallet often? TrackR can help you recover it fast!

Bag (purse, work bag, backpack) - Keep tabs on your hard earned cash, and valuables! 

Camera - Put a TrackR on your camera to find it in a flash! 

Remotes - Tired of ripping apart your living room? You’re welcome.

Tablet - Find your tablet around the house! 

Laptop - Our adhesive sticker makes it easy to put a TrackR on your laptop! 

Headphones - Those pesky headphones tend to move around the house a lot. Keep track of them!

Umbrella - Running out the door and can't remember where you put that umbrella? Easily locate it using a TrackR. 

Water bottle - Put a TrackR on your favorite water bottle! 

Briefcase - Never lose those valuable papers or laptop!

Glasses case -  “Honey where did I put my glasses?”

Retainer or Denture case - Looking for a lost item can really feel like pulling teeth.

Roomba - Find where your robot vacuum lost its steam.

Construction tools - Don’t let missing tools slow down your project!


Didn't find the use you were looking for? Please let us know how you want to use your TrackR here.

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