What is TrackR wallet?



TrackR wallet is a slim TrackR resembling that of a credit card with rounded edges. It is designed to slip into a wallet or purse, keeping tabs on some of your most valuable items. TrackR wallet comes only in Black and uses two CR2016 coin cell batteries. It is compatible with iOS 8 & later, Android 4.4 & later, and the smartphone or tablet must have Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). 

TrackR wallet and the TrackR app are compatible with the following:
- iPhone® 4s and newer
- iPad® with Retina display and newer
- Android™ 4.4 and newer
- iOS app version 5.6.0 and Android build 2.5.0 and newer

TrackR wallet is no longer available for purchase through www.thetrackr.com. If you are looking for something slim for your wallet, we recommend our very slim TrackR bravo.

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