Free Battery Replacement

A replaceable battery is one of the most valuable features of our products. Instead of replacing an entire TrackR, simply replace the battery. Better yet, we will replace your first battery free of charge! Whenever your battery starts to run low, the TrackR app will display a low battery indicator next to the name of that particular TrackR. If you click on the indicator, you will be directed to order a replacement battery free-of-charge!

In order to avoid your TrackR battery dying without warning, be sure to keep your Bluetooth turned on and your TrackR app running in the background of your phone or tablet. With every active connection made, the TrackR's battery level is updated in the app. If there is a substantial time-gap between connecting to your TrackR, you run the risk of your TrackR dying without receiving a warning from the TrackR app. 

If your battery has died, you may order a Free Battery Replacement, if ordered through the TrackR app. If this is the first time your battery has died and you were unable to order through the TrackR app, please contact our customer support team for assistance. 



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