How can I order a TrackR?

TrackR currently offers two incredible tracking products: TrackR pixel and TrackR bravo.  

TrackR bravo is a coin-sized Bluetooth TrackR made of sleek and slim anodized aluminum with one LED light. TrackR bravo comes in silver, black, rose gold, sky blue, and offers a 17 character custom laser engraving for you to add a unique message to the front of the device. TrackR bravo uses a replaceable CR1620 coin cell battery.

Buy TrackR bravo here

TrackR pixel is the smaller of the two but don’t let that fool you. TrackR pixel is made of durable hard plastic, has 3 LED lights that make locating an item in the dark incredibly easy, is Ultra lightweight, and it comes in eight fun colors: black, grey, white, blue, red, pink, TrackR green, aqua blue. The TrackR pixel uses a replaceable CR2016 coin cell battery  

Buy TrackR pixel here


To see the two products side by side, please click here

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