TrackR wallet 1.0 FAQ

What is TrackR wallet 1.0?

TrackR wallet is a credit card sized Bluetooth tracking device for keys, wallets, bags and more.

How does TrackR wallet 1.0 work?

Use the TrackR app on your smartphone to find anything you might lose: keys, wallets, bags, and more! Simply tap the button in the TrackR app to ring the TrackR wallet.

Is the battery replaceable in TrackR wallet 1.0?

Yes, the batteries in the TrackR wallet are replaceable. Track wallet uses two user-replaceable CR2016 batteries. Please contact TrackR customer support for assistance with battery replacement.

Is TrackR wallet 1.0 water resistant?

No, the TrackR wallet is not water resistant.

Is my phone compatible with TrackR wallet 1.0?

TrackR wallet and the TrackR app are compatible with the following:
- iPhone® 4s and newer
- iPad® with Retina display and newer
- Android™ 4.4 and newer
- iOS app version 5.6.0 and Android build 2.5.0 and newer

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