Will this work for tracking my pet?

Unfortunately, it is not ideal. Attaching a TrackR to cars, pets or people is not a recommended use for our TrackRs. TrackR uses Bluetooth technology to connect your items to the TrackR app on your phone. This tracking method is optimized for items but not ideal for tracking the minute-by-minute movements of your pet, car, or a person. TrackRs are Bluetooth trackers and do not use GPS technology.

However, many TrackR users decide to attach a TrackR to their pet's collar as an extra line of defense in the event that they get lost. If your pet happens to run off, our Crowd Locate network will be functioning and has the potential of providing you with a location update of your pet. This is by no means a fail-safe method of finding your pet, but the potential is there. To learn more about Crowd Locate, please check out our "What is Crowd Locate?" article. 

To see the density of the Crowd Locate network in your area, please check out the following link (simply enter your postal code): TrackR Crowd Locate Map

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