Why does the TrackR app need to run in the background of my phone/tablet?

To receive the full functionality of your TrackR, it must run in the background of your phone or tablet. If you were to force close the TrackR app, it would shut down all function of the app. To force close an application means to stop it from running in the background of your phone or tablet. The app will not be able to update the location of your item, send you Crowd Locate notifications, use the phone finding feature, use separation alerts, and any other function the TrackR app offers. 

But what does it mean to have an application in the background of your phone? 

When an application is running in the background of your phone, it means it is running behind the scenes of your phone. This feature allows an app to perform a function without you having to tend to it. When you open up an app to use it, the application is considered being on the foreground of your phone, but once you leave that application, it remains running in the background of your phone - unless you force close it.

Force closing an application on an iPhone is done by double-clicking the home button (on the bottom of the phone) revealing all the apps running in the background. By swiping up on one of these apps, they will be 'force closed' and will no longer run in the background of your phone. On a typical Android phone, this same option is accomplished by pressing the icon that looks like two stacked squares (this varies depending on your Android phone). Many make the mistake of force closing their background applications, to save battery, and force close their TrackR app - disabling the app from functioning. If you are going to force close your background apps, just be careful to not force close the TrackR app.

If you are worried about draining battery life, fear not, the TrackR app has been optimized by our engineers to not drain your battery when running in the background of your phone. If you have any questions, our customer service team has answers! 


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