What are Separation Alerts?

Whenever the Bluetooth connection between your TrackR and smartphone is lost, your smartphone will ring to let you know that you have left an item behind. Follow the steps below to enable this feature:

1. Open the TrackR app.

2. Click the icon in the top right corner that looks like three stacked squares.

3. Click the gear icon next to the TrackR you would like to enable phone alerts for.

4. Scroll down to where it says "Device Separation Alert" and tap to turn it on. The toggle will be green when it is turned on. 

5. Adjust the Alert Duration. This will update how long your alarm will ring when separation occurs. 

6. Click "Save" in the top right corner of the app to save your changes. 



Hints and Tips for getting the most out of Phone Separation Alerts

1. Keep the TrackR app open and running in the background of your phone at all times. Force closing the app disables the communication between your TrackR and your phone. Therefore, with the TrackR app no longer running in the background of your phone, Separation Alerts will not alert you when you have left an item behind.

2. Enable Wi-Fi Safe Zones with your home and work Wi-Fi networks. There's no need to receive an alert that you are leaving your keys behind when you move from one end of your home to another. Wi-Fi Safe Zones will keep Separation Alerts from going off when you are logged on to specified Wi-Fi networks. The alerts will re-enable when you exit the area covered by the Wi-Fi network. If your keys are left inside of the house your phone will ring to let you know! 

3. Use this feature on the items that travel with you most. TrackRs are extremely helpful when finding items such as TV remotes inside of your home, but you won't necessarily need an alert to go off when you leave your TV remote behind. Enable separation alerts for individual items such as your keys, wallet, or purse so you don't leave them behind!

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