Is this a live GPS device?


The TrackR line of products do not use GPS technology. Instead, our products use Crowd Locate, special crowd-sourced technology that will help you recover your lost items safely and securely, at no additional cost to you. If you lose an item away from home, when one of the millions of TrackR users walks by it, you'll receive an alert to view its updated location on a map. To ensure that you receive notifications once the location of your item has been updated, please enable Notifications for the particular TrackR you wish to receive Crowd Locate updates for. You can enable the notifications in your Item Settings or from the main page of the TrackR app. Below are visuals to guide you in turning on your Crowd Locate Notifications.

Option 1: Turning on Crowd Locate Notifications from the home view. 

When out of Bluetooth range, your TrackR app will display the 'Last Seen' location of your item, and you can enable Crowd Locate Notifications from this view. 

Crowd_Locate_Notifications_Off.png  Enable_Crowd_Locate_Notifications_from_home_screen.png

Option 2: Turn on Crowd Locate Notifications from your Item Settings. 

If you are connected to your item via Bluetooth, you will need to visit your Item Settings to enable Crowd Locate notifications. 

  Click_Three_Stacked_Dots__Click_Gear_Cog.png  Crowd_Locate_Notifications_Enabled.png

You can learn more and see a map of our Crowd Locate coverage here.  (Just scroll down)

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