Family Sharing

With the Groups option, also referred to as Family Sharing, TrackR users can share items in the context of groups that they interact with most in their daily lives – families, roommates, neighbors, etc. – enabling a “group effort” approach for quickly locating misplaced items.

For example, a user could set up a “Family” group that includes their spouse and children; within that group, they could share their TrackR-ed TV remote, car keys, and cat so anyone in the family can help find those items. The same user could set up a “Neighbors” group, in which each group member shares their TrackR, so the whole neighborhood could look for Fido if he gets loose. Setting up groups, adding members, and sharing items is simple and makes it faster and easier to track lost items that you share with those groups.


Click the links below to learn more about setting up Groups in Family Sharing:

Create a Group in Family Sharing

Accept a Group (Family Sharing) Invitation

Remove someone from your Group in Family Sharing

Delete a Group in Family Sharing

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