Will this work tracking my car?

Tracking a vehicle in motion is not a recommended use for our TrackRs. While we have had many customers use a TrackR inside their vehicles to help locate their car in a large parking lot or an area you are not familiar with, TrackRs will not trace minute-by-minute movement like a GPS does.

Using a TrackR to locate their parked vehicle works through our Last Seen feature. When you park your car and walk away from it, the TrackR app will show the Last Seen location, representing when your TrackR and phone were connected. When it is time to return to your car, simply click on the Last Seen location and get directions to your car on Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Tracking your car beyond this use would rely on our user-based feature called Crowd Locate. This is where another TrackR user's phone will anonymously ping other TrackR's. For example, if your spouse drove your car 100 miles away from you, the app will just show the last known location if another user with the app running walks within Bluetooth range of the TrackR inside the car. It will show a time stamp as well as the location in the app. Since Crowd Locate relies on the presence of other TrackR app users, to get updated location, it is not an efficient way to track your car. For that purpose, we recommend installing a live GPS tracking device.


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