How do I replace the TrackRs battery?

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TrackR bravo:

1) Open the battery tray located on the side of the TrackR bravo and remove the old battery.

2) Insert the new battery and close the battery tray.

3) Press the clear button on the front of the TrackR bravo. If the reset was successful, the TrackR will beep and a blue LED light will shine from behind the button.

4) Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON.

5) Open the TrackR app. Your TrackR should automatically connect!



TrackR pixel:

1) Insert the battery into the TrackR with the plus side facing towards you.

2) Put the other half of the TrackR onto the half with the battery.  Make sure the notches on the side are about a 1/8 rotation separated.

3) Press the 2 pieces together and rotate the two halved pieces so that the notches are aligned. 

4) Press the button on the face of the TrackR. The blue LED should blink and the TrackR should emit a beep. 



TrackR wallet:

1) Remove the battery tray half-way.

2) Place the batteries into the battery tray with plus side facing towards you while the battery tray is still half inserted into the TrackR wallet.

3) Push the remaining half of the battery tray into the TrackR wallet.

4) Press the button on the TrackR wallet.

5) The blue LED light should blink and the TrackR should emit a beep.


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