What type of TrackR do I have?

When pairing your TrackR with your phone or tablet, the TrackR app asks you to select the type of TrackR that you are pairing. While the most common TrackRs are TrackR bravo and TrackR pixel, they are not the only type of TrackRs. Check the list below for the type of TrackR that you have. 

TrackR bravo click here to view on the main website


The TrackR bravo is made of brushed aluminum, has one LED light that is also a button, and uses a CR1620 battery. The TrackR bravo is 31 mm in diameter and 3.5 mm thick


TrackR pixel click here to view on the main website


The TrackR pixel is made of hard plastic, has 3 LED lights built into it, and uses a CR 2016 battery. The TrackR pixel is 26.2 mm (1.03 in.) in diameter and is 5.6 mm (0.22 in.) in thickness. 


TrackR spot click here to view the Walmart exclusive product on our website


The TrackR spot is made of hard plastic and resembles the TrackR pixel without the LED lights. It uses a CR 2016 battery and is 26.2 mm (1.03 in.) in diameter and is 5.6 mm (0.22 in.) in thickness. The easiest way to see the difference between TrackR pixel and TrackR spot is the differences in the logo. The TrackR spot has a hexagon around the logo while the TrackR pixel does not. Learn more about TrackR spot here.



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