How to set up your TrackR

This guide is designed to help you set up your TrackR and provide detailed instructions to alleviate any possible hurdles. Please follow the steps below for help on setting up your TrackR. 

iPhone set up video:

Android set up video: 

1. Download

The first step to using your TrackR is downloading the companion application on the Google Play Store or App Store titled: TrackR - Lost Item Tracker (for additional help on downloading the TrackR app, click here)

2. Pair

After downloading the TrackR app, the next step is to pair your TrackR with your phone or tablet. Be sure to turn your Bluetooth on! 

  1. First, open the TrackR app and click "Get Started" or "Add New Device"
  2. Second, select the type of TrackR you have. Click here if you do not know what type of TrackR you have.
  3. Third, name your TrackR. Click next. 
  4. Fourth, click the button on your TrackR to pair. Click done. (Where is the button?
    1. Issues:
      1. Click here if you hear a high beep and then a low beep (beep boop) and it will not pair.
      2. Click here if you have no response from my TrackR when I press the button on my TrackR 
      3. Click here is your TrackR is in pairing mode - its blue light flashed and it made three crescendoing beeps (from low to high) yet it is not connecting

3. Use

Every TrackR uses Bluetooth technology, working in tandem with your TrackR app, to keep track of your items - and is not a GPS device. For more information on how TrackR works, click here. Furthermore, feel free to check out our Common Uses article for a list of commonly tracked items. What you attach your TrackR to is not limited to the items on the list. 


Click here to learn How to use your TrackR

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