How do I reset a TrackR?

On occasion, it is necessary to reset a TrackR to refresh a connection, issues with pairing (beep boop), and other troubleshooting. A basic reset involves removing and reinserting the battery on the device. Below are basic and advanced instructions on resetting your TrackR. 

Basic reset of TrackR bravo: remove and reinsert the battery 

Please, open the battery tray located on the left-hand side of the TrackR bravo and remove the old battery. The battery door swings open from the bottom (the notch closer to the button) and hinges at the top (the notch closer to the key loop). See image below. 



Basic reset of TrackR pixel: remove and reinsert the battery 

Accessing the battery of the TrackR pixel requires removing the back casing of the TrackR. This is done by rotating the back casing counter clockwise slightly - freeing the back so it can come off.

**Tip on removing the battery on a TrackR pixel: If the casing is too secure, create double sided tape out of scotch tape, put it on both sides of the TrackR for extra grip.**




If the issue continues after a basic reset, please try and advanced reset. 

Advanced reset of TrackR pixel and TrackR bravo:

1. Force close your TrackR app

2. Turn on Airplane mode

3. Remove the battery of your TrackR (see above for instruction)

4. Turn off Airplane mode

5. Open the TrackR app

6. Go through the pairing process ( skip this step if you already set up your TrackR)

7. Once you get to the purple pairing screen, re-insert the battery 

8. Then attempt to pair your TrackR


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