How to use your TrackR (how it works)

To understand how TrackRs can be used most effectively, it is important to know how TrackR works. Please see the following information meant to provide a comprehensive description of how to use your TrackRs. (Looking to set up your TrackR? click here)

1) How does TrackR work?

TrackR uses Bluetooth technology to track your items. Using the TrackR app and the Bluetooth connection available on your smartphone or tablet, you can pair a TrackR (i.e. TrackR pixel) and attach it to an item. Once paired, then you can ring your TrackR - when within Bluetooth range - by simply pressing 'start searching' on your TrackR app. This causes the TrackR to emit a loud noise to help you find it. 

2) But what if I am out of Bluetooth range? 

When out of Bluetooth range, the TrackR app will display the "Last Seen" location on the mini-map. This "Last Seen" icon provides the most recent location, date, and time that your TrackR was connected to the TrackR app. Re-establishing an active connection requires coming within Bluetooth range of your TrackR. For more information on Bluetooth and Bluetooth range click here.

3) What is the benefit of the Last Seen Location?

The Last Seen Location is one of the most beneficial features of the TrackR app. If your TrackR was attached to your keys and you accidentally dropped your keys on a walk, the TrackR app would remember the location of where you were disconnected. Simply click the last seen location banner on your TrackR app to receive directions back to that location. 

This is why it is essential to maintain the following: 

  • Bluetooth must always be enabled
  • The TrackR app remains running (foreground or background)
  • Location services be enabled
    • "Always" should be checked for users running iOS 11 and later
    • Location Permissions should be toggled on for users running Android

 All three must be enabled for the TrackR to properly function and accurately record where you dropped your keys.

4) But what if someone picked up my keys after I dropped them? 

In the instance that someone happened to come across your keys and pick them up, then our Crowd Locate network is the most helpful feature to help recover them. Crowd Locate is the vast community of TrackR users that together create a search party for your lost item. If another TrackR user walks by your keys, then you will receive an update Last Seen Location with the new location, date, and time your TrackR was spotted. Please note, this update is completely anonymous to the other TrackR user and they will not be able to see your items. 

5) What are other features available in my TrackR app? 

The TrackR app comes with several other features to help you keep track of your items. Select a feature below to learn more about it. 


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