Why is the map on my TrackR app so small?

When using TrackR, it is important to know how it works to know the best practices. Being a Bluetooth TrackR, when you are connected via Bluetooth it assumes that you are within the 100-foot range. When within this range, the TrackR is meant to be located through the audible ringing. This is why when you are connected to your TrackR, the mini-map automatically hides and there is a large, green, button that appears saying "start searching." While the option is available to show the mini-map while connected (by clicking the map icon underneath the sentence "you can now search for your item"), the map cannot pinpoint the location of your TrackR within a few inches - which is what would be needed if you were to only use the map to locate your item. This is why we built a ringer into your TrackR. The ringing provides you the ability to precisely locate your item when connected to it via Bluetooth. 

Furthermore, when disconnected from Bluetooth, you will see the mini-map automatically appear with the Last Seen Location posted. You can click on the mini-map and it will open up into a mapping application and it will provide you with directions back to the Last Seen Location. Please check out the How to use your TrackR article to learn more about how TrackR works. 


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